Acoustic Martin Trio
My Acoustic Trio

Tone Travelers
My Original band

Electric Martin
My Cover Band

American String Teachers Association
great resource for string teachers

Amos Lee
singer /songwriter

Andre Canniere
my brother the trumpet player

Christian Howes
great jazz violinist living in NYC

Dan Paul
jazz & classical pianist/organist living in Philadelphia

Devin Greenwood
singer, songwriter and producer living in Philadelphia

Fein Stringed Instruments
deals, restores and makes stringed instruments

Gillian Welch
singer/songwriter based out of Nashville

Jazz Strings Directory
lots of jazz violinists!

Jeff Pedraz
jazz bassist living in Philadelphia

Jeremy Cohen
jazz violinist based out of California

John Blake
my teacher & mentor at University of the Arts

John Francis
singer/songwriter living in Philadelphia

Mansfield University
this is where I earned my undergraduate degree

Martha Wainwright

excellent brazillian band in the Philadelphia area

Ross Bellenoit
guitarist and composer in Philadelphia

Rufus Wainwright

Sufjan Stevens

The Half Of It
trio based out of Philadelphia, comprised of members Josh Orlando, Tony Peebles and Dan Paul

University of the Arts
this is where I earned my master's degree

Vagabond Opera
my other brother Eric's band in Portland, OR

Williamsport Symphony
I was a member for several years while studying at Mansfield